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MARKERPAL helps you organize your Copic marker collection and keep track of your favorite color blends.

Ditch the paper and keep all your favorite colors and combo blends at your finger tips. MARKERPAL lets you select the Copic markers and refills you have and want from all 358 colors. MARKERPAL also gives you the ability to create your own custom blend combos of up to four colors and save it in your library. Additionally, MARKERPAL includes over 50 proven color combinations that provide ideas for your hair, skin tones and nature color needs.

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POKER DRILLS helps you master skills that are necessary to play winning poker. By using the apps' two training modes, players can build their hand-recognition skills and learn proven starting-hand strategies.

Train your mind to effortlessly recognize the best hands and the starting hand strategies that put you in the best position to play winning poker. This is the perfect app for those that know basics of the game and know they want to get better. Players can hone their poker skills from anywhere with POKER DRILLS.